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    POISE: Fit & Fierce DVD

    POISE Fit & Fierce: Take Back Your Core is divided into three sections to target all body parts to provide a full body workout. Section one (23 minutes) builds power and sculpts arms and back with inner core activation. Section two (22 minutes) develops svelte and strong legs with inner core activation, and Section three (18 minutes) cuts #fit and #fierce #abs to activate the inner core and pelvic floor muscles. Dr. Teri Jory gives clear explanation and instruction (with modifications) on the inner core (deep) and outer core (surface) muscles that all attach to the pelvis providing a solid body foundation. The inner core muscles are the pillars for stabilizing the pelvis and lower back, giving the rest of the body, including the outer core, a secure foundation for movement from the arms, back, legs, and even the feet. Get POISED! Train and gain beautiful flat-fit abs & sculpt the total body. POISE stands for (P)Power, posture & pelvic Floor; (O)Oneness of body & mind; (I)Inspiration; (S)Sculpted body; (E)Energized & empowered.

    POISE: Fit & Fierce DVD @ $19.99


    Poise Strong and Sexy DVD

    Dr. Teri Jory, International Health and Fitness Life Coach guides viewers through a full body workout that provides inner and outer beauty. The DVD is divided into three sections. Section 1 sculpts and builds the upper body using forearm strikes and front punches that carve and chisel triceps and biceps. Section 2 concentrates on the core with elbow-crossovers and hand/leg criss crosses to trim the ab muscles and create a flat, sexy belly. Section 3 strengthens and shapes the lower body. Crescent leg kicks and 5th position burners create fit & lean legs, hips & buns while strengthening pelvic muscles.

    POISE: Strong and Sexy @ $19.99


    Poise Core Training DVD

    A mix of Pilates and ballet exercises designed to give you long, lean, sculpted muscles. Dr. Teri Jory’s instruction is very detailed and “hands-on.” Like a personal trainer, she works one-on-one with the exerciser — teaching proper technique, pointing out errors and even helping to position the exerciser’s body. The workout begins with an isometric warm-up (holding a plié/squat as you move your upper body). That’s followed by floorwork — core-focused roll ups and crunches plus ballet-style leg routines. The program ends with an extended dancers’ stretch; they use a ballet barre, but a sturdy chair will also work.

    POISE: Core Training @ $19.99



    Poise Classes – $7.00 per session or $40.00 per month for unlimited classes

    Poise Personal Training – $125.00 per session

    Personal Training @ $125.00

    Poise Personal Training Packs – 4-pack, 8-pack and 12-pack  - $100.00 per session




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