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    “Thanks To POISE! – After 20 years of training in fitness and nutrition, POISE has helped me reap the rewards of a sculpted and toned body more than any other workout. These rewards, however, have come from both physical and mental discipline. Additionally, I am able to adapt POISE to my traveling executive schedule. When I am on the road, I do not have to waste time going to the gym to workout. I POISE right in my hotel room and get a wonderful, strenuous workout.”

    Donna Grandma / Mom / Assistant Vice President of Marketing / Certified Poise Instructor



    “POISE has given me a new attitude with a passion to live life. I had a desire for a new body and POISE gave me the power and confidence to make it happen. With hard work came focus so that I now feel and look like a million.”

    Ms. Roz - Mom / Stylist & Makeup Artist



    “Out of all the workouts I’ve done, POISE is the best. Here’s why…

    1) POISE has enabled me to lose weight, tone-up and buy a new wardrobe including my first pair of jeans in six years. 2) POISE has greatly improved my PMS and menstrual cramps. 3) POISE never gets boring. The more I POISE, the more I love it. In sum, POISE has helped me mentally, physically and spiritually. TERI JORY is truly an inspiration as an instructor”

    Ellen  - Mom / Speech Therapist



    “POISE has made me one of the best runners on my high school track team. The POISE workout has helped my hip flexors gain strength and flexibility so that I can run faster and longer to win more races than ever.”

    Heather  - Student / Track Team Star



    “POISE is fantastic. I am so thrilled by my new body! I have toned and strengthened my body like I never dreamed…without lifting a single weight! Teri Jory is an exceptional “master” of POISE and a fabulous instructor. Every session is fresh and different. Thank you so much, Teri.”

    Topaz Abbot – Homeopathic Doctor









    “I have been with POISE since January 2002. I have seen some definite changes in my body: my clothes fit much better and I am much more flexible. There have also been times when I go to a POISE session and am really stressed. Afterwards, I feel like a new person and say “Ooh – life is good!” Another great thing about POISE is that while on vacation I am able to practice some of the exercises because no gadgets are needed…just your body and your mind. But the best is coming home because I really miss POISING with Teri.”

    Eva Maldonado

    “I hate to exercise! My friend introduced me to POISE and I joined the gym just for Teri’s POISE class. I can’t believe it – POISE has become a big part of my exercise routine. It is a fast-paced total body workout which uses techniques of pilates, resistance, stretching and ballet. The class has toned and sculpted my body. I am a true believer and devotee of POISE.”

    Bernie Schultz

    “I love going to Teri’s POISE class when I am visiting California. It keeps me thinking about my posture and holding in my stomach. As you get older you tend to slump more and your posture is not as good as when you are younger. So when I POISE it helps me to stand up straight with my shoulders down. I also feel nice and limber from the work at the ballet Bar. Teri is a great teacher – very patient, understanding and helpful to all her students”

    Muriel Jory Udowitch

    “Until I started POISE, I thought I knew everything about fitness. With POISE, I find myself on a journey of discovery that is both physically and mentally challenging in big and subtle ways. It goes deeper and further than most fitness trends. It is endless, inexhaustible and never boring. POISE is a philosophy and a way of life. Thank you, Teri – I am forever grateful!”

    Evelyne Combs
    (POISE is one of her photography projects – 818 707 0209)


    Tamera – Mom/Investor: “After five years of searching for the way to regain my health…7 personal trainers, 4 gym memberships and countless weight loss programs, I miraculously found Teri and Poise. Teri is the most conscientious, inspirational, and totally present at all times trainer that I have ever worked out with. Her whole body, mind approach makes her workouts unbelievable, never boring, and always just right for where you and your body are at that day. As I approach 50 this year, I can say thanks to Teri I am physically and mentally in better shape than I was in my 20’s. The best part is I look amazing and feel great. Oh yeah, I’ve also lost 65 pounds. Thanks Teri!”


    Maya – Mom/Physician: “Being involved with Poise for 5 years has made a significant difference in my life. After raising 3 children, being a Physician and going through cancer treatment, I needed to heal myself. I felt I had finished living my life and didn’t know how to go on. Mentally, emotionally, and physically I felt out of control. I just happened to walk into one of Teri’s classes at the gym. Now, I am getting my body back, and facing life is definitely less challenging. I work with my body to keep up my energy and flexibility. With my body feeling lighter and mostly pain free, I can turn my attention to living, rebuilding my life and finding things to do that hopefully will restore my sense of why I am living. I really appreciate Teri’s genuine warmth and compassion and her professionalism.”


    Georgeanne – Mom/Attorney: “Teri Jory has been a life saver for me. I came to her overweight, out of shape and suffering from horrible monthly cycles. Her approach has been life changing for me. I have successfully avoided a hysterectomy by strengthening my core. I am so much more flexible and I have much more energy. I wish all of my doctors spent as much time caring about me and my health. She’s one of a kind.”


    Jodi – Philanthropist: I just wanted to send a note saying how wonderful (spiritually and physically) Poise and Teri have been in our local charitable fundraising efforts. Poise’s contribution allows us to continue our efforts to help others. The DVDs were a HUGE hit! You rock, Teri!


    Christina – Mom/Celebrity Hairstylist: Teri Jory and her genius POISE fitness DVDs and program are hands down the BEST! I’ve worked with a handful of trainers in the past, who could never hold a candle to Teri, she never faltered to pay attention to my physical limitations due to 2 back surgeries, while figuring out ways to safely still accomplish the target area she wanted me to work on. I was always so excited to work out with her, her positive energy and way of motivation should be bottled, and distributed like a vaccination! As far as the way I looked and felt while training with Teri, well “Super model and Rock star” come to mind, the only way I’ve been able to keep up the good work is by following her “Strong and Sexy” DVD daily, it’s ALMOST as good as having her back here in California.


    Topaz – Homeopathic Doctor: Dr. Teri Jory changed my life a couple of years ago.  I attended her Poise class feeling intimidated and old.  I was overweight and my muscles were sagging.  Teri would have none of it.  Her uplifting attitude and spirit soon had me on my way to a shapely and stronger new body.  I have never looked back.  The techniques she teaches are unique.  I have tried numerous other methods to help myself back into shape.  Poise is amazing it not only re-shaped my body but also changed my mind about myself and gave me a more youthful attitude and feeling. I will always be grateful to Teri Jory and Poise.


    Barb – Mom/Accountant: I have been working out with Teri for about 5 years.  She has helped me get back on track with my overall health and well-being through a structured workout tailored specifically for my needs.  I sit at a desk in front of a computer 5 days a week and used to get cramps in my shoulder, neck and arm.  Once I started working out with Teri, I found I no longer needed to take pain relievers for muscle pain and the tightness in my shoulders and neck is virtually gone.  The routine was simple, but extremely effective.  Teri “pushed” me just enough each workout to increase my strength and the results were amazing!


    Muriel – former dancer: Poise has helped me to wake up each morning and feel like there is a purpose to be alive. To exercise each day helps every part of my body, and in today’s world that’s what we need, it also keeps me happy and flexible.


    Karen – Actress/Comedian/Dancer: Teri Jory is a longtime mentor of mine whose work has helped me enormously over the years.  Her classes have helped sculpt my upper arms, thighs and calves in particular which in turn has given me much needed confidence and self esteem, to say the least.  My mom has had an inferiority complex all her life that had rubbed off on me and Teri’s movement workout classes have helped me more than anything, not to mention her patience, great wisdom and subsequent friendship.

    I highly recommend Teri and her wonderful DVDs to anyone who wants to improve their body, spirit, mind and soul.

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